Medical Mystery

To a remote research clinic on the Red Sea, scientists Garcia and Campbell bring a Purple file. In 2025, as chaos rocks the world, AI medical technology creates a new future. In paperback and on Kindle, the international medical scene is not what it seems: The Caduceus Chronicles

Mary goes on an adventure

Why not? She spent the morning getting blood drawn and her body drawn through a scanner like a thread through a needle. The Dr. Bains tell her that her cancer is back and he has nothing to offer … but hope in an international experimental trial. Would she like to join?

An EMail

She opened the door. The fragrance of a burning candle greeted her. The living room was empty. She walked into the breakfast niche. On a small round table, a candle burned next to an open bottle of wine. The back patio glowed sunset orange through the  glass door. Two place settings of family china lay […]


Dr. Rivas saw her on a gurney in the corner of the clinic. She was curled up under a white sheet and looked familiar. Was it Helen? She hadn’t seen her in months since she last came here, happy about her life.  “Helen, what brings you in?” “I’m hurting,” she replied, pushing on her lower […]