An EMail

She opened the door to home. The fragrance of a burning candle greeted her. The living room was empty except for the burning wood in the fireplace. She walked into the breakfast niche. On its small round table, a candle burned next to an open bottle of wine. The back patio glowed sunset orange through […]


Dr. Rivas saw her on a gurney in the corner of the clinic. She was curled up under a white sheet and looked familiar. Was it Helen? She hadn’t seen her in months since she last came here, happy about her life.  “Helen, what brings you in?” “I’m hurting,” she replied, pushing on her lower […]

Hi Ada

“Hi, Ada.” Rina was now in her private doctor’s office hours, at least as private as it could be since she worked for the medical school.  She looked at the clock on the wall, she had fifteen minutes for Ada — from walking into the exam room to logging out of the computer from her […]


The young man scowled at his computer. Eyes focused on the agent’s tattooed forearm, Art waited at the license bureau to have his plates renewed. “You a doctor, huh?” Still not making eye contact, the man stopped looking at his computer screen and just pointed his finger to the MD on Art’s credit card. Art’s […]